Local Electric San Jose

When you need a lighting contractor for a new home build, we can do that for you.

If you see your lights flashing when you put something in your toaster, you need to have us check your electrical wiring.

Blown circuits are probably the most common problems people see with their electricity.

Making sure your commercial building electrical is in good shape is something you need to check on a regular basis.

If there's been an electrical storm and you need to have wiring redone, give us a call and we'll be right out.

Pot lighting is very popular these days and we can install pot lights for you.

If you are renting a home or apartment and there is a problem with the electric in the kitchen, give us a call.

Machinery that needs more power means you need to have your electrical in the building checked to be sure it's enough for your needs.

If your outdoor porch light isn't working and you've tried changing the light bulb, it may need to be rewired.

Hiring electrical experts is a good idea when it comes to your home or your business.

Bringing your home up to code is something our insured electricians can do for you.

Be sure to use a licensed electrician to do any electrical work for you.

03/09/17 08:26:39 AM

Before you install a whole house air conditioning unit, be sure to check with us to see if we need to put in a 220 line for you.

03/07/17 10:59:48 PM

Restoring your electrical power after a fire or flood is something we can do for you.

03/06/17 02:55:10 AM

Many older homes have faulty wiring and if it's not fixed, it can cause an electrical fire.

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